Why Julian Assange is NOT a “poster boy” for press freedom rather its obverse!

Julian Assange’s arrest by British police at the  Ecuadorean Embassy in London(where he has taken refuge since 2012) and his  possible extradition to either Sweden or the US has aroused much comment . To my mind, far from being the “poster boy” for press freedom, he has arguably done more harm than good on this issue. Critics have long noticed the bias(subtle or otherwise) towards Putin’s Russia on the part of WikiLeaks and its anti-Western( are we to believe that WikiLeaks has NEVER uncovered any dirt on Kremlin leaders and oligarches?) outlook. It;s NO coincidence that Assange has been a former host of Russia Today and has tweeted comments querying whether Sergei and Yulia Skripal were indeed poisoned on the Kremlin’s orders. Also WikiLeaks has published unredacted information exposing the identities of agents and special forces personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan, possibly and actually putting their lives at risk. What Mr Assange clearly wants is the prerogative of the harlot throughout the ages- “power without responsibility!”

For that reason, if he is extradited to either Sweden or the US, I shall shed no tears over his fate in either jurisdiction!


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